Education Events


We host and endorse a variety of educational fairs, summits, & events designed to empower young people with intellect. This newly acclaimed knowledge helps students recognize they have options and provides them the skill set to make more informed decisions about their futures.


Postsecondary Alliance collaborates with honorable community leaders to aid in the encouragement of young people to pursue their dreams and give back to their communities. 

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Community Resource Listserv


The purpose of this listserv is to support, inform, and share resources that are beneficial to student achievement and postsecondary success.  This list is open to educators, professionals, and any individual who has an interest in learning about great opportunities for their students. 


Our list serv currently supports community leaders representing all sectors of the community- schools, churches, business, nonprofits, and government. 


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Workshops & Contracting


We facilitate professional developments, project consulting, and learning opportunities to improve organizational understanding and strategy regarding college access, college-going cultures, career explorations, work readiness, and much more. 


Additionally, we provide comprehensive solutions to addressing many other educational, social, and economic barriers that influence student and school level achievements.


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Program Services


The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.

-Dr. Martin Luther King

We provide high-impact, comprehensive strategy and implementation services to schools, nonprofit agencies and more. Our groundwork, insight, and experience provides a foundation to create a rigorous community engagement and development process for many projects and ventures.

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