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Young Alumnus of the Year: Jordan B

October 03, 2019

This award will honor a UM-Dearborn graduate less than 35 years of age who has graduated within the last 10 years. The graduate will distinguish themselves by being engaged as a volunteer with UM-Dearborn or being connected to another non-profit in the community. The ideal candidate will have made substantial progress in their career and would embrace philanthropic values. 

Mentorship Lives and Dies with Unapologetic Honesty

October 22, 2018

You want to motivate kids? And help spur change? UM-Dearborn doctoral education student says it starts with being real — even if that leads you to uncomfortable places.

Stagnation equals Intellectual Suicide

July 27, 2018

The definition of intelligence is always changing. What was considered to be intelligent a few years ago likely isn’t considered intelligence today. 

Jordan B. feat on the Jimmie Perry Podcast

June 01, 2018

A discussion about education, entrepreneurship, health, and life as black men in America.

CW50 Street Beat features Jordan: Money Matters

November 20, 2017

Jordan Brett and Emma Teller of Catholic Vantage Financial; explain how they are working together to help college students become financially literate.

Jordan featured in Hometime Life: Financial Literacy

October 06, 2017

Earlier this month, Jordan invited Emma Teller, vice president of marketing and business development at Catholic Vantage Financial, to present a college financial prep workshop to a group of 35 BLG students. CVF is a provider of credit union services to Madonna students, faculty and staff.

Jordan feat. on Panel Discussion on Race

February 20, 2017

An examination of how race shapes the places people live, work & travel

Setting young minorities on path to success

January 26, 2017

“This month, we’re focusing on résumés and getting everyone on LinkedIn to get the guys to network with a purpose instead of twiddling their fingers on Facebook,” Brett said. “We also do a lot of leadership training, from time management to creating goals to vision boards. You name it, we pretty much do it.”

Detroit: Urban Gardening

November 01, 2015

Engaging Metro Detroit males in urban garden

Life in Detroit: Resilient Educators

June 04, 2015

Jordan is a DPS alum and Executive Director of the Postsecondary Alliance for Student Success (P.A.S.S). The organization serves over 400 educators and professionals in the greater Detroit area, providing them with supplemental education resources and finding opportunities that meet the needs of students.

Focus: HOPE Springing into Success!

May 04, 2015

The gift of education is the only gift that does not decay, rust, or expires. Educating and training community members helps create many more generations of inspired and engaged residents.

Breaking the School-to-Prison Pipeline

April 18, 2014

2nd Annual Prison Awareness Week, University of Toledo

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