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Meet Dr. Jordan B. - Executive Director

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Inspiring youth, parents, and educators by Keeping It 100!

"The only thing that separates the rich from the poor is 24hours."

Dr. Jordan is a recognized education leader and student advocate in Metro Detroit and serves as Executive Director of Postsecondary Alliance. Jordan helps transform the community by assisting multiple youth-serving agencies in developing and executing innovative strategies to increase college access/success, and educational outcomes of urban youth.  Jordan is frequently requested to speak at local schools, youth organizations, and professional associations to help young people recognize and optimize their full potential.  

Dr. Jordan is a product of Detroit Public Schools (K-12) and a recognized University of Michigan-Difference Maker.  He holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from Western Michigan University, a Masters of Public Administration and a Doctorate of Education at the University of Michigan.  Jordan has 18 years of experience working in education, youth development, and community outreach.  He has a host of experience facilitating Life Skill workshops, trainings, and keynote speeches that engage and empowers the audience to look at life differently. 

He enjoys participating in panel discussions, guest-lectures, and presenting for professional developments and education events.  Dr. Jordan is notorious for his keen honesty, moral transparency, and profound analysis of the social ecosystems that influence urban youth.

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"Jays on your feet is a Bill... Jays in your stock portfolio is an Investment"

-The Journey is more important than the style of your Shoes-

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If you would like to invite Dr. Jordan Brett, Executive Director to speak at your next event, please complete the Speaker Request form below. Upon receipt, your request will be reviewed and one of our staff members will contact you regarding the status of your request.


“There are only two forms of employment in this world

1) Work for an Entrepreneur     2) Become One

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