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About Us


In collaboration with educational stakeholders such as universities, community colleges, P-12 systems, academic colleagues, and the community-at-large, we apply our values and commitments in responding to the evolving needs and priorities of young people, parents, and our community. 

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Our Mission

Postsecondary Alliance is a strategic coalition of courageous professionals who provide quality learning experiences that empower urban youth to recognize and optimize their full potential.  We facilitate persuasive success workshops, enriching professional developments, and dynamic keynote speeches to improve college access and success outcomes among urban youth.

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Our  Vision

Postsecondary Alliance will be a world leader in preparing the next generation of educated professionals, minority entrepreneurs, and brown billionaires.  Through our  efforts, we inspire young people to be the GOAT (Greatest of All Time).



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Our Core Beliefs

  • ​​Education is a tool to liberate young people from the adverse affects of any form of inequality.

  • The education school system should create a positive learning environment, which enhances the analytical thinking and creativity of each student, and should prepare students to succeed in continued education.​

  • Every individual should participate in the holistic development and support of young people’s educational advancement and development.


  • Brilliant Education should teach students how to engage the world through intellectual capacity and critical intelligence.


  • Continuous learning and the pursuit of brilliant education is paramount.


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Our Objectives

Our community objectives are to:


  • Encourage academic innovation and accelerating public and private investment in college access.


  • Enhance market conditions for education events and programs that have quality impacts on student achievement.


  • Enable students to make more informed and sustainable decisions about postsecondary education.


  • Empower students through intellectual engagement and civic involvement.

Our Platform

Our framework for success is to assure educators and professionals have the necessary resources to increase student-level outcomes. We provide an amplified voice for connecting education, career training, and academic resources to Metro Detroit stakeholders and students.



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Our Committment

  • The promotion of high standards of education in an environment attentive to the needs of underrepresented in higher education, first generation, and students of color.​


  • The support of collaborative efforts to develop and disseminate effective strategies to increase college enrollment among all students.​


  • The continuous development of an organizational culture that supports and reinforces ethical, professional, and responsible decision making.​


  • To use community collaborations and community participations to promote a shared sense of social responsibility and accountability in order to nurture young people in being productive, cooperating, intellectually engaged, contributing citizens of our community.

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