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Our Letter

Why are we here? Because of the greatest societal obstacles—from school dropout rates, the achievement gap, financial affordability, to our challenges competing in the global workforce—can all be addressed by focusing on quality education and access to equitable opportunities. The staff and stakeholders of Postsecondary Alliance (P.A.) are committed to responding to the ever so growing community needs in unprecedented ways. We must help inspire a culture of young people who desire to learn and enrich their lives.


The Postsecondary Alliance's motto is to “Empower Youth by Inspiring Intellect”. Our motto embraces the core principles of our organization in the belief that every student can be empowered, inspired, and intellectually advance. We are focused on continuing our commitment to support educational institutions, community organizations, and grant projects, in collectively striving toward scholastic excellence. Our team comprises of educators, community leaders, and public/private business professionals who are committed to our mission, vision, and values, thereby promoting quality access to postsecondary education and equitable opportunity to thrive in life. Postsecondary Alliance is uniquely positioned to help school aged students enroll and succeed in postsecondary education.


P.A. provides an educational oasis of infinite opportunities for the expansion of intellectual capacity of the minds of young people. P.A. holds the creative energy of scholarly proficiency through the avenue of educational access. We define postsecondary education as a continued learning experience from an accredited postsecondary institution that advances the student beyond a high school diploma and serves as a tool to market and compete in the future workforce.


Every day, Postsecondary Alliance in partnership with our members is demonstrating effective solutions that are putting our most valuable assets –our K-12 students on the path to success in school and in life. We believe in the innovative investments of collective impact, the near-peer philosophy, and ethical educational reform. We offer an inspiration of HOPE through workshops, programs, and services to our community with emphasis on helping young people understand their contribution to society and living and leaving a legacy of greatness. We desire to help young people recognize and optimize their gifts and talents and provide opportunities to share their aptitudes with their communities.


P.A. can’t achieve its vision without the support of our members, the community, and the greater public who recognizes the importance of postsecondary education. I challenge you to look for opportunities to volunteer, educate, or collaborate with youth servicing organizations throughout the Greater Detroit community.


Learning is how you Survive, Education is how you Thrive.

Dr. Jordan B, Executive Director, P.A.

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