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Serving the Greater Detroit Region & Southeastern Michigan Boundaries



Postsecondary Alliance is committed to being a leader in the integration of brilliant educational access services by collaborating with individuals and organizations that are committed to providing young people with the resources to thrive in global society. 

Past Clients

Highland Park College Access Network


The Youth Connection

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Ways We Work


Here's a brief outline of different ways we partner and serve our community.  

Recent and current projects have included:


  • Designing plans to increase college-going cultures within organizational systems


  • Developing city-wide college access plans to increase enrollment


  • Supporting collective impact frameworks to increase FAFSA completions among Detroit students


  • Facilitate college preparation workshops to enhance access and deeper learning of postsecondary education


  • Examine and reform community development and outreach strategies in adult education programs


  • Design strategies to reduce the number of students snatched by the School-to-Prison pipeline


  • Enhance identification and resources allocation to profiled students such as foster care youth, ex-offenders, and first-generation students.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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